In the past year there were 2.6 billion occasions where fresh tomatoes were eaten

Two thirds are eaten at the evening meal or lunch

The 45+ age group account for 62% of consumption

2% of all fresh tomatoes consumed are organic

Take tomato health message to children

The high level of popularity with people over 45 could be due to the healthy perception of tomatoes, as this age group is most likely to try to eat healthily. Fresh tomatoes are closely associated with health, with just under half being consumed for this reason.

Lunchtime and the evening meal are key for consumption of fresh tomatoes, however tomatoes underperform compared with the total fresh fruit and vegetable category at both these occasions.

Fresh tomatoes are also much more likely to feature at breakfast than other fresh fruit and vegetables, due to grilled tomatoes featuring in traditional English breakfasts. With the trend moving towards healthier breakfasts, fresh tomato could suffer at this occasion.

Kids 0-16 and young adults 17-24 are all less likely to consume fresh tomatoes versus other foods as these consumers are least susceptible to the healthy eating message. With the 5-a-day message and also new regulations governing the food that children eat in schools, it is the perfect time to target the younger generation.

Rory Partis