In the past year there were 2.9 billion fresh carrot occasions. This is an increase of 5% versus 2004

Adults 45+ account for 46% of fresh carrot consumption

58% of fresh carrots are consumed at the evening meal

43% of fresh carrots are consumed for 'health'

28% of fresh carrots are consumed on a Sunday

Healthy profile keeps carrots on top

Fresh carrots have a slightly older profile compared with total foods, with adults over 45 accounting for 46% of consumption. Fresh carrots also have a strong appeal among children. Despite only representing 20% of consumption, they are more likely to be chosen by children over other vegetables. Carrots are least popular with younger females who, along with young males, are also the least likely to consume their five a day.

Fresh carrot consumption is mainly driven by health. It is also growing across most age groups and is likely to continue given the growing awareness of health and diet.

More than half of fresh carrot consumption is at the evening meal. Sunday is the key day for fresh carrot consumption (28%) reflecting its role in the traditional Sunday roast. Fresh carrots are mainly consumed with leafy vegetables, boiled/mashed or roast potatoes.

The fact there was no decline in a single consumer group year-on-year reinforces the strong position carrots are likely to maintain.

Katie Lee