Apples reflect growing health awareness

All consumer groups enjoy apples, with 44% consumed by adult females and 36% by adult males. The smallest apple consumer group are the 17- to 24-year-olds, who only account for 6% of consumption. But this group is still more likely to consume apples than total fruit. In the last year, apple consumption was stable overall and there is no discernible seasonality to apples.

Key occasions for apple consumption are in-home snacks and the lunchbox, with 24% and 34% of consumption respectively. Apples are more strongly linked with these occasions than total fruit, suggesting that when consumers want healthy snacks, they are more likely to choose apples.

The majority of apples are consumed by the over-45s but they are also popular with children and young adults when they do choose to eat fruit. These groups are also increasing their consumption showing that consumers are adopting a healthier attitude toward their eating habits extending beyond just "an apple a day...".

Gary Shaw