Apricots were eaten on 175 million occasions last year Consumption is growing 15% year-on-year Women aged 45-plus are the core consumers Sales rose 7% to £18.3m Men aged over 65 find taste for apricots People are rediscovering a taste for apricots and eating more of them. Women aged 45-plus are the key consumers, but they cut the number of apricots they ate over the year by 10%. Growth came from a diverse range of consumers, including young children and men over the age of 65, which was where the most notable growth occurred. Breakfast remained the key meal occasion, with nearly half of all apricots eaten then. Health is the main driver, accounting for 60% of occasions. Apricots' strong practical element leads to 17% being eaten for this reason. Gary Shaw AGE PROFILE of apricot consumers Children 0-1611% Male 17-444% 45+24% Female 17-4411% 45+50%