AGE PROFILE of Brussel sprout consumers Children 0-106% 11-165% Male 17-347% 35-6421% 65+13% Female 17-347% 35-6423% 65+18% Info: Year ending August 2007. In-home and lunchbox consumption 513 million meals featured Brussel sprouts last year Sales are static at £46.7m The 45+ age group accounts for almost two-thirds of consumption Brussel sprouts are eaten for health reasons 36% of sprouts are eaten on Sundays Healthy-eating kids eat more sprouts Just under 10 million people in the UK eat Brussel sprouts, consuming them on average once in a week. Sprouts feature at about one in five of all Sunday lunchtimes, but despite some consumption on Monday, interest in the vegetable shrivels up progressively through the week. Consumption of Brussel sprouts is driven by older generations, in particular females. High consumption in winter and spring accounts for 405 million of the 513 million occasions, indicating they are very much a seasonal vegetable. Only a quarter are used from frozen. A slight year-on-year growth in consumption is accounted for by children aged 11-16 eating 63% more, perhaps as a result of parents actively encouraging healthier foods. Most people eat sprouts for health reasons, but the vegetable also features in traditional meals and on dinner occasions. Some 80% are eaten with potatoes and 60% have gravy poured on the same plate. Poultry is the meat of choice with sprouts on 32% of occasions, followed by beef (18%), pork (14%) and lamb (10%). Brendan Mills