AGE PROFILE of canned vegetable consumers Children 0-1013% 11-169% Male 17-3411% 35-6422% 65+6% Female 17-3412% 35-6420% 65+7% Info: Usage overview of canned vegetables. In-home/lunchbox The canned vegetable category was worth £294m last year - up 9% 1.3 billion meals featured canned vegetables 56% were consumed at the evening meal 65% of consumption was by adults aged 17 to 64 Practicality has become the main driver of consumption Health was an important driver of canned vegetable consumption, up 14%

Canned veg benefits from health factor

Canned vegetables are a healthy yet convenient product eaten by all shopper groups. They have an equal share of consumption by males and females. Adults 25-64 have the highest share of consumption (55%), mainly driven by convenience. The over-45s have a higher share of consumption of fresh veg instead of canned (48% of fresh vs 39% canned), predominantly driven by the perception of healthier content in fresh food. More than 60% are consumed as traditional main meals, which are normally eaten in the evening. Consumption peaks from Sunday to Tuesday. Practicality is the key reason for canned vegetable consumption. The other main reasons are that they are filling (19%), easy to prepare/clear up (9%) and quick to cook (8%). Moreover, health is becoming important, accounting for 22% of consumption reasons. This has risen 14% over the past year, linked to the key consumer groups aged 25-64 who are conscious about health but lack the time to cook from scratch. Teresa Fisher