AGE PROFILE of cod consumers Children 0-109% 11-167% Male 17-349% 35-6420% 65+11% Female 17-3410% 35-6420% 65+14% Info: Usage overview of cod. Year ending Aug 2007. Total consumption There have been 250 million occasions of cod consumption over the past year Most cod is eaten at evening meals (65.5%) Cod consumption peaks on a Friday, where it accounts for 28.2% of all consumption. Weekend consumption is increasing strongly Favourite and health are the key drivers for consumption, accounting for 23% each. Cod popular, but not necessarily with chips In the latest year consumption of cod has fallen 3%. However, while frozen cod consumption has fallen 5.7%, chilled cod has risen 3% in the same period, recently showing value growth of 7%. Frozen cod is consumed more for practical reasons and chilled for health. Potatoes are the top food consumed with cod with 85% of cod occasions featuring potatoes, but traditional accompaniments are declining to make way for healthier products. Boiled/mashed potatoes are increasingly being consumed with cod (+8% year-on-year), as are fresh root veg such as carrots (+8%), mushy peas (+24%) and salad vegetables (+25%). In contrast, the consumption of chips with cod is falling (-5%), except at the weekend (+10%). The 45+ are most likely to consume cod. This age group is the most health-conscious consumer group and therefore will view cod as an appropriate protein. Health is growing as a needs driver for cod consumption (+7.7%) and explains the increase in chilled cod consumption. Emilie Erktan