Dried fruit was eaten on 640 million occasions last year Adults aged 45-plus account for 59% of consumption Fifty-one per cent is eaten at breakfast Fifty-eight per cent of dried fruit is eaten for health A healthy, tasty choice for the lunchbox Dried fruit has long been a breakfast staple, but it is now appearing in lunchboxes as well. Consumption is up 13% in lunchboxes and 15% as a snack item. Breakfast is the most important meal occasion (51%). Dried fruit is mainly eaten for health reasons (58%) and consumption is concentrated between Monday and Friday. But 20% is eaten because people enjoy the taste. Women aged 45-plus are the key consumers, accounting for 37% of consumption. Young children are also important consumers - they are 44% more likely to eat dried fruit. Esther Cunningham AGE PROFILE of dried fruit consumers Children 0-1621% Male 17-447% 45+21% Female 17-4414% 45+37%