AGE PROFILE of egg consumers Children 0-109% 11-165% Male 17-347% 35-6421% 65+13% Female 17-346% 35-6422% 65+17% Info: Usage overview of eggs. Year ending Aug 2007. Total consumption There were 2.7 billion occasions of egg consumption last year Egg spend in grocery shops was up 13% year-on-year More than half of all eggs are consumed by the 45+ age group Forty per cent of eggs are consumed at breakfast In the year ending August 2007, 45% of eggs consumed were fried Two thirds of the population consume eggs within any given two-week period. On average, they consume eggs three times in a fortnight Egg spend increasing in grocery stores Eggs consumption has remained virtually static year-on-year. However, sales growth in the grocery sector may reflect the fact that shoppers will pay more for products with a better animal welfare message. Eggs are still associated with unhealthier fried foods and traditional breakfasts but there has been growth in use in lunches and in snacks, when eggs are consumed for health and are less likely to be fried. Some 45% of eggs are fried and 30% are boiled, while the remaining 25% tend to be poached, scrambled or used in an omelette. Breakfast is the key meal occasion for eggs - particularly at the weekend, which accounts for one out of every five eggs consumed. Eggs have strong links with other breakfast foods, such as toast, baked beans, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes, which feature in 10% or more of egg occasions. Brendan Mills