AGE PROFILE of haddock consumers Children 0-107% 11-165% Male 17-349% 35-6419% 65+14% Female 17-348% 35-6419% 65+19% Info: Usage overview of haddock. There were 165 million haddock meals last year - 5% down year-on-year More than 60% was eaten by the over-45s 27% of haddock was eaten on a Friday A quarter was consumed for health reasons Consumption is split nearly 50:50 between frozen and chilled haddock Older people turning away from haddock Haddock consumption has fallen 5% this year, despite fish being a growth area. It has suffered from the popularity of tuna and salmon and an increasing selection of alternative fish species on supermarket shelves. Haddock is still most popular with consumers over 45, but the 45 to 64 age group is also responsible for the decline in consumption. Older children are eating more as parents look to provide healthy food to their children. Fish is a healthy food in general and consumers eat more than a quarter of all haddock for health reasons. Beyond this, haddock is still a strong habitual favourite. Nearly two thirds of haddock is eaten at the evening meal but consumption is down 10% at this occasion. Nonetheless, consumption at teatime and lunch is in growth as consumers look to different meal occasions. Friday is the most common day for a haddock meal and the traditional accompaniments have remained the same. Peas and chips are still the most popular complementary foods, both featuring at about 40% of haddock occasions. Gary Shaw