Minced meat was eaten on 1.3 billion occasions, up 5% year-on-year Men aged 17 to 34 are the biggest consumers Growth in home cooking has boosted mince Some 72% of mince is eaten in the evening Mince eaters shrug off price rise Minced meat consumers have not been put off by a marked price rise. Since May 2006, the price has risen 11.9%, from £3.29 to £3.57p per kg, but consumption has also risen 5% year-on-year. Sales are being driven by the rebirth of home cooking. This trend has been growing over the past three years, led by young adults aged 25 to 34. These consumers account for 17% of total consumption. Mince is eaten predominantly during the week, where consumption accounts for 80% of the total for the category. It is 12% more likely to be consumed on a weekday than total foods. Mince dishes feature mainly at the evening meal occasion, which accounts for 72% of total consumption. The teatime occasion is also key, with mince over-indexing there against total foods, driven by kids' consumption. Mince rates highly on convenience. It has a versatile preparation profile with stir-frying and baking becoming more popular methods. Driven by health and its link with homemade mince dishes these preparation methods are generally in growth. Total mince includes minced beef, lamb, pork, turkey and homemade dishes containing mince. Katie Lee