Peas have featured on 2.7 billion occasions - down 2% Men and women aged 45-64 are the biggest pea consumers, with a combined 28% share Almost two-thirds are eaten with a main meal Sunday has an 18% share of overall consumption Pea sales are up 3% to £42.8m An evening meal staple in decline Britons are eating fewer peas than they did last year, after a 19% decline in consumption by men aged 34 to 45 and children. Across all age profiles, consumption was down 2%, but higher prices in the wake of last summer's difficult harvest have pushed pea value sales up 3% to £42.8m. Consumption is highest among men and women aged 45-64. Peas are most commonly consumed with the evening meal (61%). Consumption is falling at most occasions, but it is up slightly as a snack. Gary Shaw AGE PROFILE of pea consumers Children 0-1619% Male 17-4417% 45+23% Female 17-4417% 45+24%