AGE PROFILE of pea consumers

0-16                                                     20%

17-44                                                   6%
45+                                                      23%

17-44                                                  11%
45+                                                     40%
Info: Usage overview of peas. In-home and lunchbox
Peas have been eaten on 2.9 billion occasions in the past year and nearly one fifth are eaten on a Sunday
Peas account for 5.4% of total foods and 26% of total vegetables consumed in the home
Adults aged 45 – 64 account for the greatest consumption, with a 27% share

A healthy vegetable popular with kids
Overall pea consumption has remained static over the past year, but there has been noticeable growth from kids and adults aged 35–44. Kids are more likely to consume them compared with vegetables in general, and they have a healthy image. The evening meal is the most popular occasion for peas accounting for 62% of consumption. 
Sophie Bocquet