AGE PROFILE of salmon consumers Children 0-106% 11-164% Male 17-347% 35-6419% 65+14% Female 17-346% 35-6426% 65+20% Info: Usage overview of salmon. In-home/lunchbox consumption There were 357 million meals featuring salmon last year, of which 56% were chilled salmon Two thirds of salmon is eaten by the over 45s Half is eaten at the evening meal 50% is eaten for pleasure Salmon heads for the mainstream Rising fuel and feed costs have pushed up fish prices significantly, which has led to the consumption of salmon falling 5%. Salmon used to be eaten mostly at the weekends but in the past four years has been eaten more consistently through the week. Half is eaten in the evening, and a third is eaten at lunchtime. Though teatime only represents 15% of consumption, it is the only occasion up on a year earlier. Salmon is a relatively expensive food and so is more likely to feature at indulgent meals. It is also well placed to benefit from the healthy-eating trend. However, consumers still view it as a nice change rather than a staple part of their diets. Salmon consumption is mainly driven by the over 45s, who are more conscious about their health. They accounted for two thirds of all salmon eaten last year, despite the fact consumers over 65 ate 7% less. There has been no discernible change in the balance between male and female consumption, with females still accounting for almost 60% of all salmon eaten. Marine Samzun