Consumption of yoghurt has increased by 3.3% since 2005.

Burgeoning consumer interest in healthy eating could be helping to increase sales because yoghurt is perceived as a healthy food. With 48.6% of it said to be consumed for health reasons, there is an opportunity for yoghurt manufacturers to capitalise on the importance of the product by increasing their ranges to include healthy variants. Enjoyment was given as reason for consumption, by 33.4% of people.

Women aged 35 and older are the key consumers but men in this age group also tend to eat it. Yoghurt consumption increases with age in the adult population but it is also active in the children's market and a variety of yoghurt brands have been successfully targeted at younger age groups. Strawberry is the most popular flavour: three pots of it sold to every one of its nearest rival - raspberry.

In terms of meal occasions, yoghurt is very flexible and it is popular eaten as a quick and healthy breakfast as well as at lunchtime: 40% of all yoghurts are eaten on these two occasions.

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