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Info: Usage overview of peppers. Year ending May 2006. In-home consumption

There were 469 million occasions of peppers eaten in the past year

Consumption has risen 3% over last year

More than two thirds are eaten at evening meals

41% of peppers are chosen for health reasons

Healthy ingredient in home cooking

Health is far and away the main reason for consuming peppers, accounting for 41% of consumption. The second most popular reason for choosing peppers is that they are a natural complement to other foods, which puts peppers in an ideal position as a healthy but also tasty option.

The most popular host foods with which they are likely to be consumed are salads (45%), mushrooms (27%), poultry (26%) and potatoes (26%). Peppers are also commonly consumed with pasta and rice; consumption with these foods is showing the largest increases over last year. And with more adventurous cooking on the rise, peppers are increasingly used in dishes such as stir fries.

Most peppers are consumed at the beginning of the week when consumers tend to have healthier intentions. Also, a number of shoppers do their main grocery shop early in the week; fresh items such as peppers would normally be consumed in a couple of days.

However, pepper consumption has started to creep into the weekend, indicating they are also being used when entertaining or at a special occasion.

Rory Partis