There were over 1.5 billion meals involving mince consumed last year

There was an increase in consumption against 2005 driven largely by an increase in home-made dishes

The over-65s are the least likely to eat mince

70% of mince is eaten at the evening meal

A practical evening meal getting healthier

Mince consumption is split evenly between adult males and females (38% and 39%) but makes up a larger share of adult males' total food repertoire. Children consume 23% of mince and mince dishes. While it is universally consumed among non-vegetarians, the over-65s are least likely to eat it. Mince is a highly practical food and older people who tend to have more spare time on their hands are not as motivated by practicality.

Beef dominates mince consumption but other minced meats showed strong growth among consumers last year. Minced lamb gained about six million consumption occasions and turkey three million.

Not only are lower fat options growing their presence but consumers are also using mince in healthier ways. Stir-frying, stewing and baking are all in growth overall.

Mince is 14% more likely to be consumed on a weekday than total foods with 82% being eaten Monday to Friday. Ease of preparation and broad popularity in dishes have cemented its position as a key player at the evening meal.

Drummond Richards