The festive meat with a convenience twist

Turkey consumption is in decline. The only consumers to increase their consumption over the past year are young females 17-24, representing an 18% increase. Females aged 25-34 eating turkey have decreased by a quarter, as have children aged six to 10.

Eating turkey is strongly associated with festive occasions, especially Christmas. Weekday usage tends to be left overs, with consumers citing reasons such as "needed using up".

A quarter of turkey is consumed at lunch. This has decreased by 24% compared with last year. The evening meal accounts for 57%, falling by 7%. Turkey is mainly eaten with traditional accompaniments: 63% with potatoes, 32% with carrots, 30% with gravy and 26% with leaf vegetables. This is higher at weekends: 72% with potatoes and 44% with gravy.

There is higher consumption with convenient accompaniments such as chips and rice on weekdays because of the need for something quick.

Lucy Wood