There were 1.85 billion occasions where lettuce was eaten in the past year - more than confectionery and double that of pizza

Adults in the 45+ age group are the key eaters of lettuce accounting for more than half of consumption

Health is the biggest driver of consumption, accounting for more than half of lettuce eaten

Items most commonly eaten with lettuce are tomatoes, cucumber, bread, rolls and cold meats

Consumers eat lettuce to stay healthy

Lettuce is more likely to be eaten by the 45+ age group but the 11% growth in the past year has been driven by the 25-44's age group and children who have increased the amount of lettuce they eat by 17% and 12% respectively. The evening meal and lunch meal account for 70% of lettuce eaten.

Lettuce is eaten throughout the week as consumers tend to start the week with a healthy outlook, but it declines before the weekend, which is about enjoyment and indulgence.

Eating lettuce is seen as a healthy choice - accounting for 55% of occasions. It is also considered a favoured and natural complement to food. Lettuce is most likely to be eaten with tomato, cucumber, bread and cold meats.

Lettuce is a common element of salads and sandwiches so producers are well-placed to take advantage of consumers' desire to maintain a healthy diet.

Rory Partis