The lunchbox has a large share of all consumption (20%), followed by in-home lunch (18%) and evening snack (17%)

Health is the key driver of consumption, accounting for 68% of occasions compared with 64% for total fruit

Children have increased their consumption by 18%

A healthy appetite for grapes all day long

Grape consumption rose by 12% last year. Against a backdrop of a 3% increase in general fruit consumption, grapes were well ahead of the market. All in all the fruit was eaten on 970 million occasions.

Females aged 65+ eat the most grapes, accounting for 16%, though their consumption was down 3% on the previous year. Children aged 0-5 accounted for 11% and increased consumption by 12%. Grapes also grew in popularity with young males in the 17-24 age group, who increased their consumption by 40% on the previous year.

With grape consumption growing in the lunchbox, it is likely that health is a key sales driver, as grapes are considered more permissible than other treats. More grapes were eaten at the evening meal (+12% on last year) and they were also more likely than total fresh fruit to be eaten as an evening snack.

It isn't just the fruit that has become more popular. Grape-flavoured products such as fruit juices also showed increased consumption over the last year. Fruit and vegetable juices with grape flavour doubled on last year from 52 million to 108 million occasions.

Lucy Wood