Bagged snack Mini Cheddars is stretching into evening sharing occasions with a more grown-up sub-brand called Morso's.

Rolling out now, the newcomers are, like their parent brand, bite-sized baked biscuits. However, they are sprinkled with cheese and come in a trio of more sophisticated flavours - Mediterranean Herbs with Cheese, Toasted Cheese with Sweet Garlic and Cheddar Cheese & Spring Onion.

Each 150g flat-bottomed sharing bag has an rsp of £1.29. James Meyer, grocery trading director, said they targeted pleasure - one of three growth strands the company has identified - and would attract new consumers to the brand.

UBUK is also investing £1.5m on reformulating Mini Cheddars to make them healthier. Moves include cutting saturated fat in Mini Cheddars Original by 30% and sodium by 10%, as well as scrapping MSG and artificial ingredients. The other flavours and Crinklys will get a 30% and 40% reduction respectively in saturated fat, with packs bearing a 'same great taste message'.