HL Foods' on pack instant win cash promotion for Smash instant potato has the support of the Martians ­ the brand's advertising icon ambassadors. Promotional Smash packs containing £40,000 of £5, £10 and £20 in sealed sachets will be in store from mid May. They are backed by a 30 second ad which runs on GMTV from May 22 for three weeks. It shows the Martian mother, daughter and cat interpreting "instant cash" as cash machine queues and pouring boiling water on bank notes because they think it's a popular food. The campaign includes regional press, radio and PR and is aimed at housewives with children. The ad marks the original Martian family's return to TV. They were rediscovered in a storeroom in 1999, after a mysterious absence of several years. The 1970s and 80s Martian series recently came second in a TV survey of favourite ads. Last year it topped an industry poll. {{P&P }}