Interbrew is to spend £28m this year to keep Stella Artois at the top of the UK premium lager chart. Most of this will be spent on airing a new advert which hits cinema screens next month. The Belgian brewer plans to unveil The Good Doctor' ad at the same time as a major film release. Its first showing on TV will be in early April. The ad is the eighth in the Reassuringly Expensive' series and follows Returning Hero' which was launched in the summer of 2000. The hero of the 60-second ad is a doctor treating a mystery illness in a French village. To prove he is not contagious he shares a glass of Stella with fearful villagers. The brewer is spending £20m on advertising and media this year. A further £8m will go on its film sponsorship programme and retailer support. Last year the brewer spent £25m on the brand. Marketing director Richard Evans said: "The new ad communicates core brand values of quality, worth and continental heritage in a way the target audience of premium lager drinkers will find appealing." {{DRINKS }}