Interbrew UK is increasing its focus on the speciality beer category with the launch of Artois Bock and further investment in the Leffe brand.
Artois Bock is a 6.2% abv lager that was first brewed in 1892 in the Artois brewery in Leuven, Belgium’s ‘city of beer’. It was the predecessor to Stella Artois.
Phil Rumbol, marketing director of Interbrew UK, said: “We discovered the Belgian beer recipe while cataloguing the brewing archives in Leuven and immediately felt that it had great potential.”
Bock beers are brewed to all-malt recipes and are golden amber or dark brown in colour. Rumbol noted: “Artois Bock has everything that a premium drinker looks for - superior quality and taste to savour, and a story to tell through its brewing past.”
Coinciding with strong sales in the premium bottled beer sector, Bock, which will be supported by a £2m marketing campaign, will be on sale from late August in 275ml bottles. It will be priced on a par with other speciality brands such as Leffe Blonde and Hoegaarden.
Interbrew is also looking to invest in marketing and advertising for its Belgian Leffe brand and has announced the appointment of Fallon London as its UK advertising agent.