Tim Palmer Interbrew has upped the stakes in the UK beer market by announcing a £14m support package for Boddingtons. The giant spend is on top of the £28m the brewer last month revealed it would be spending on Stella Artois this year. Much of the cash will go on advertising and the Belgian's package behind Boddingtons includes £10m for media support. A major part of this will be spent screening a new TV ad which debuted on Valentine's Day. The new treatment, Pillow Talk, takes over from the Chilled Cream animations and will run on terrestrial and satellite channels nationally for the next seven weeks. Marketing director Richard Evans said: "This will make a big impression with drinkers and will boost consumer awareness and help develop the personality of the brand. "It is a sophisticated campaign which underlines Boddingtons' key attributes in a humorous way. The brand is famous for the quality of its advertising and this continues the tradition of creative excellence while maintaining a contemporary edge." The timing of the TV burst is designed to make an impact on consumers just ahead of the first sales peak of the year for beer in spring. Pillow Talk, which has 60-, 40- and 10-second formats is a parody of a couple's bedtime role play but with the beer taking the focus of attention. It features a new strapline for the brand, It's a bit gorgeous'. {{DRINKS }}