Interbrew has scrapped plans to move production of Boddingtons from its Manchester heartland after an overwhelming public campaign.
In a dramatic u-turn the company agreed to continue manufacturing the bitter at the Boddingtons brewery "subject to ongoing assessment of operational effectiveness".
In September Interbrew announced all its keg ales would be brewed in Magor, South Wales, and Samlesbury in Lancashire, leading to 68 job losses.
The brewer planned to make Boddingtons the main focus for its cask ale business, including producing a cask version of Boddingtons beer.
However, despite the change of heart, Manchester's keg packaging facility will still close in February, with 50 redundancies which Interbrew hopes to minimise by offering relocation packages to other breweries.
Stewart Gilliland, chief executive of Interbrew UK and Ireland, said: "What will secure the future of Boddingtons is sustained growth and what we really need is for Mancunians to demonstrate their commitment by supporting the brand."
He said £14m has been spent marketing the brand this year.