Aero is being moved into the biscuits category for the first time as part of Nestlé's major push for the brand.

On shelf from 25 April, the new product is sold in multipacks of seven bars of Aero chocolate mixed with round pieces of biscuit (rsp: £1.52). 

Aero Biscuits, which contain 99 calories per bar, are aimed at women aged 25 to 44 and particularly mums. The bar will be supported by a £4m campaign including a new TV ad and ­in-store PoS.

The company announced in January that it would be making a "huge" investment in the brand, a move that began with the reintroduction of Aero Caramel. Sales of the brand grew 12.3% during 2010 to £76.9m [Nielsen 52w/e 25 December 2010].

McVitie's is extending its Caramel Digestives sub-brand from the end of April with the launch of a limited-edition dark chocolate variant (rsp: £2.29).

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