Kerrygold hits TV screens in May with a new advertising campaign playing on the brand's Irish dairy farmer roots.

The £2.75m campaign, which begins on 4 May, features five Irish Kerrygold dairy farmers, who were given a camcorder and, without any direction or script, were asked to film their day.

The adverts would highlight the co-operative nature of the Kerrygold business, brand marketing controller Alison Palmer said.

"By making consumers aware of the farmer-owned structure of the brand they will hopefully see that purchasing Kerrygold butter is having a direct impact on the producers," she said.

The adverts will run in 10 and 30-second versions until the end of August on Channel 4 and Five, as well as cable and satellite TV, supported by online, radio and print PR activity.

The adverts will promote both the block and softer Kerrygold variants.