Amid widespread hysteria about the reformulation of HP in the more nationalistic elements of our esteemed press, a lucky escape for another national institution got far less attention. Although that's perhaps because the nation in question was Scotland.

Irn-Bru, the virulently day-glo drink that's put hairs on the chests of countless lads and lassies north of the border, was ­under the microscope last week as EU boffins pondered whether to take away the E-numbers that are such a staple of British life.

Not content with banning our national anthem and making us all wear lederhosen, those meddling mandarins in Brussels were plotting to limit the amount of E-110 more poetically known as Sunshine Yellow that it's considered safe to guzzle in soft drinks. Thankfully, the amount they settled on, 20mg per litre of fluid is exactly the amount that's in Irn-Bru. Uncanny.

Talking of reformulation, congrats to Twinings on its graceful response to the Earl Grey fiasco. The tea maker has backed down and is selling the old blend, preferred by many, online. And it's apparently not even charging postage for those chasing the classic flavour. They must be trying to get shot of the stuff.