Bacardi-Martini is adding a lemon flavour to its Breezer premium packaged spirits. Bacardi developed its lemon version of Breezer a year ago but held off until it was sure of stable market conditions. Its confidence in this latest launch could be taken to mark the end of the hysteria surrounding alcopops that began almost as soon as Bass launched lemon Hooch, the first lemon alcopop, in June 1995. At the height of the anti alcopop débâcle, all forms of alcoholic lemonade were condemned as encouraging the young to drink. With the decline of alcopops, the gap has been filled by premium packaged spirits such as Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Mule which have established a credible market. Lemon has remained the number one flavour for alcopops. Its rehabilitation for use in adult alcoholic drinks has been led by UDV which introduced Smirnoff Ice last year. Other lemon variants such as Bulmer's Zolensky and Red Square from Halewood Vintners have also begun to appear. Meanwhile Hooch is still a major player and Bass has repositioned it with tv advertising as a more adult product with a sharper flavour. Bacardi-Martini trade marketing manager Rob Horlock added: "The category is now sophisticated enough to divide into two sectors ­ designer drinks such as Metz and fruit flavoured products such as Breezer." He forecast that Breezer sales, at £325m in 1999, could double this year. {{DRINKS }}