Brands are especially powerful in the babycare market. Purchases are emotionally driven and brands provide the trust and reassurance that parents, particularly first timers, seek. Procter & Gamble has turned Pampers into a megabrand by finetuning the nappy to meet every requirement from newborn to toddler, ensuring parents stay loyal throughout their offspring's infancy. Pampers now comes in a number of unisex variants in a range of sizes. Bestselling BabyDry is made with an absorbent material that turns wetness into gel, reducing the chances of nappy rash, and has tapes that stick even when covered in cream and lotion. Premiums feature a soothing lotion, while the Cottonlike variant lets air to the skin and reduces rubbing. Bikini shaped Playtimes offer greater movement for active babies. Its latest development is Care Mats disposable changing mats. Heinz has taken the strength of its name into baby feeding accessories where its Baby Basics range has 16% sector share. Baby Basics includes bowls, cutlery and cups and uses a soft plastic, Flexisoft, that's gentle on a baby's hands and mouth. An angled feeding bottle that reduces air ingestion and enables babies to be fed in the recommended upright position, has just been introduced. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}