Dettol Liquid returned to TV this week as part of parent company Reckitt Benckiser's £2.5m investment in the brand. The campaign runs until September 3 and will also be screened in cinemas. It features an army of knights protecting Dettol cleaned surfaces, including a little girl's grazed arm. The strapline is: "Dettol protects your world." The ad is aimed at housewives and mothers with young children. Its aim is to highlight Dettol as a versatile antiseptic disinfectant. Susannah Blandford, brand manager, antiseptics at Reckitt Benckiser, said consumers were looking for a simple solution to modern day dilemmas. "Dettol is more effective today than it was 60 years ago," she added. Grocery is becoming an increasingly important arena for antiseptics. Blandford said the campaign showed Dettol's going commitment to driving grocery business. {{P&P }}