Whole chickens that can be microwaved in three minutes were among the state-of-the-art convenient products making waves at Anuga.
Suppliers from across Europe were showing their latest easy-cook products, with other highlights including microwaveable bacon and a clever kebab kit that allows consumers to prepare doner meat in under two minutes.
Meat snacking was also big news at the show, with a raft of microwaveable burgers, rib sandwiches and sausage snack pots sitting alongside more traditional products such as salami sticks and beef jerk.
As well as touting convenience, suppliers were also tapping into the health trend with better-for-you sausages and cooked meats on display. One clear trend was the addition of calcium to meat slices - particularly those aimed at children.
One product, this time for adults, was being promoted as a low-cholesterol, low-fat product with added calcium.