Simon Mowbray Birds Eye is to take its ageing white-bearded Captain out of retirement in a remarkable marketing u-turn. London advertising agency HHCL, which recently won the Birds Eye account, has vowed to bring the old sea dog back. The ageing icon's days as the company's brand ambassador for fishfingers looked to be all at sea in the late 1990s when he was axed to make way for a new all-action hunky newcomer. But the young pretender's boat is being called in after his five o'clock shadow failed to score the same appeal with a new generation of fishfinger munching kids. HHCL's Nick Howarth told Radio 4's You and Yours programme: "About three or four years ago Birds Eye decided they wanted to update the Captain so they introduced a younger, sexier Birds Eye which has not worked. "We are planning to reintroduce the iconic Captain Birds Eye." As The Grocer went to press, HHCL said it was unable to expand on its plans for the original Captain as Howarth was on holiday. A spokeswoman for Birds Eye declined to comment but it is understood the company had been hoping to keep the plans under wraps until later in the year. It will be the second time the original-style Captain has made a famous comeback. First hitting TV screens in 1967, he was killed off briefly in the 1970s but brought back to life after consumers complained. {{P&P }}