a slag Pot Noodle has become the self-proclaimed slag of all snacks' in a no-nonsense TV campaign focusing squarely on its image as a quick and tasty but trashy snack. Debuting today (June 1), two executions show the products as something shameful but irresistible. In the first, a young man rejects the blandness of his girlfriend's sandwiches to go in search of an unwholesome but titillating Pot Noodle. He is turned away by shop owners offering exotic food videos', Live food shows' and Snack mags' because the snack is too debauched even for them, but he finally finds satisfaction. The second features a young lad who, having been told by his mother that eating a Pot Noodle is only for dirty people, asks: "Is that why dad eats it with Auntie Jane?" Posters will support the TV campaign, with cinema executions and further TV bursts planned for July. Brand manager Atif Sheikh said the campaign fitted the brand's image perfectly. "Pot Noodle is an iconic brand for teens and represents a rebellious and irreverent attitude towards life. It has always been known for its willingness to push the boundaries." {{P&P }}