Crazy Jack is hoping to send people bananas over fruity snacks with the launch of an organic range.
Launching this month in Sainsbury, the line-up of five different snacks using California Raisins will be available in 5x40g bags (rsp: £2.85). Single bags may be sold later.
Called Jack’s Snacks, the range features California Raisins & Cashews; Super Fruit & Nuts; Super Fruit
& Seeds; California Raisins, Pecan & Ginger, plus a variety pack of the whole range. Paul Moore, marketing manager for Crazy Jack Organic, said: “The market for organic products is growing but is not particularly well catered for in snacking.”
He added: “Customer feedback shows there is a lot of trust in the Crazy Jack name and having the words California Raisins on the bag adds value to consumers.”
Imports of dried vine fruit into the UK rose 5% in the first eight months of 2005, compared with the same period the previous year, according to the California Raisins Administrative Committee.