Nisa-Today’s has rolled out its six-day-a-week Premier delivery service on chilled, fresh and frozen to more than 200 stores.

The service, launched in September, offers stores more than 2,700 products, including fresh milk and sandwiches, to help stores reduce stockholding, improve shelf life and cut out-of-stocks.

The second wave of stores to sign up includes 57 Jacksons Stores in the Midlands and seven independent retailers, said Nisa-Today’s MD of central distribution John Sharpe.

“Having Jacksons on board sends a clear signal to other independents, large and small, that we can meet the needs of today’s retailers better than any other operator. And we are well on course with our roll out.”

Jacksons trading director Richard Lancaster said the breadth of the range combined with the frequency of delivery made the Premier service extremely attractive.

Previously, chilled deliveries from Nisa came three times a week, and didn’t include milk, said Lancaster. “We want to get stores in our northern region on to six days a week as soon as possible.”