United Biscuits has ordered a radical packaging overhaul for McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes in a bid to send sales surging by 25%.
The brand’s logo will be relegated to little more than a tag on pack in the revamp as new bright messages take centre stage. The company said it was confident consumers would still recognise the brand instantly because of its distinctive blue and orange livery. It also claimed purchase rate would
significantly increase, adding £15m of sales to what the company claimed was already a £60m brand.
On-pack messages including ‘Where do they go?’, ‘Now you see them, now you don’t’ and ‘You always want more’ were an attempt to get consumers to engage with the brand more often, said marketing manager Rob Hobart, with a heavyweight press and poster campaign carrying the same theme set to break in April. “We have identified a £15m sales opportunity just by getting irregular purchasers of Jaffa Cakes to buy once more a year,” said Hobart.“We need to challenge people’s perceptions of the brand. Pack design is an underused medium in marketing.”