Around 800 outdoor enthusiasts were offered free Jazz apples at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival last weekend.

Importer Worldwide Fruit is doing its best to raise consumer awareness of the fruit ahead of a massive increase in supplies in three to four years. At present, demand far outstrips supply. Among those who found themselves munching on what is claimed to be one of the country's crunchiest apples were mountaineers Sir Chris Bonington and Doug Scott.

Jazz apples sponsor TV presenter and extreme athlete Tim Emmett, who is planning a national tour of schools, backed by the brand, to promote healthy eating and fitness.

"It went extremely well, and feedback was very positive," said Simon Harris-Ward, who helped organise the event.

"We distributed 2,000 apples to the public."

Jazz apples are stocked by Tesco, M&S, Morrisons and Waitrose.