A Jersey-based wine estate has married the island's skills in apple production and dairy to create a cream liqueur, which it is now launching in the UK.

The Jersey Cream Liqueur, created by The La Mare Wine Estate, is made using Jersey Apple Brandy combined with cream from the Jersey Dairy. "This is a sophisticated drink that in terms of quality, taste and fragrance, competes and, in the opinion of those who have tried it, excels over other similar cream-based products on the market," said MD Tom Crowley.

The producer said the island's strengths in cider production, dating back to its peak period in 1801, led the La Mare Wine Estate to distil its own Jersey Apple Brandy in 1993 using a mixture of dessert and cider apples sourced from orchards across the island. The liqueur was launched in Jersey last year.

"Both Jersey Apple Brandy and Jersey Cream carry the Genuine Jersey mark signifying their unique heritage," added Crowley.