Jeyes is making its Bloo brand more fragrant with new 2in1 Toilet Cleaning Rims.
Aimed at getting consumers to trade up, the newcomer comes in two fragrances that are new to the brand - Lavender Fields and Lemon Burst - and each contains an added gel that keeps the toilet fresh between flushes.
Launching with a range of special price promotions, the standard rsp for the product will
be £1.39 for a single pack. The product should also benefit from a national TV ad campaign for the Bloo Acticlean in-cistern product which is running now. Brand development manager Rebecca Wilson said: “This is an important addition to our core competence in the rim market, which is now worth over £42m.
“This is a sector in which Bloo has greatly increased its market share during the last two years and we are confident this new launch will appeal to lapsed consumers and help to grow the total rims market for the benefit of our retail customers.”