A raft of Jim Beam branded products are hitting the market this month to give UK consumers a taste of the US.

Eight sweet and savoury products have been created using the Kentucky bourbon - including barbecue sauce, original marinade, teriyaki marinade, steak sauce, a gourmet ketchup and a pancake syrup.

Each of the products features prominent use of the Jim Beam logo on the pack and comes in glass bottles or jars along with a premium price tag of £2.29 to £3.49.

Manufactured in the US by Vita Speciality Foods, the products are available in the UK from importer LB Foods. Listings have already been secured in Booths and the company is currently in talks with the major multiples. The foodservice sector is also being targeted for table-top use.

LB Foods MD James Le Bouedec said: "The launch of Jim Beam gourmet range is a fantastic opportunity to add value to and drive interest in the condiments category.

"The use of the Jim Beam logo and name on the pack means the range will stand out on the shelves."