John West hopes to further position itself as a healthy-eating brand with the launch of Reduced Salt Tuna in Brine.
A can (rsp: 82p for 185g) contains 0.5g of salt per 100g compared with 1g in the original version, which will continue to be sold.
The brand leader in canned fish achieved the lower salt content through methods such as speeding up the freezing process so there is less time for salt absorption, and selecting bigger fish so there is a smaller
surface-to-volume ratio. No salt is added during packaging.
John West marketing manager Jane Hilton said: “Consumers are now much more aware of their salt intake, and they are looking for both health and convenience when they buy.
“They want healthy, convenient meal solutions that don’t have artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and John West is ideally positioned to respond to those needs.”
Hilton said the company, which is currently under review by owner Heinz, had further innovations planned for this year based around themes of health, value, quality and convenience.