Jersey Royal Potato Marketing is continuing its attempts to persuade Jersey Quality Produce to come into its fold, but JQP is determined to keep its independence.
Tim Ward, JRPM sales manager, claimed that last year had been a tough one for JQP, and that it had received a further blow when it lost a major contract to supply M&S with Jersey Royals in 2006. One of JQP’s growers subsequently defected to
But Philip Le Maistre, JQP director, said that although it had lost that contract it had won a deal to supply Booths at JRPM’s expense and retained business with Budgens.
Le Maistre said that it suited smaller retailers to align with a smaller supplier. “There’s a pecking order for the multiples. The larger customers will be looked after very well by JRPM. But Budgens felt they’d be looked after better by us.”