Sainsbury has started delisting underperforming organic lines as it reworks the range to offer wider choice. Sainsbury innovation and inspiration manager Peter Morrison said: "We don't want to have two organic gins. We are now starting to tidy the range up." Using sales data to see which products are most popular, Sainsbury has already delisted 650 organic lines, cutting its overall total down to 1,350. Sainsbury is also cutting the number of logos and symbols. But Morrison said: "The Soil Association logo is very meaningful. We will not get rid of that. But there are a large number of other symbols, and we want to reduce them for greater credibility." But organics has a bright future in the hands of mainstream players like Sainsbury said Soil Association policy director Peter Melchett. He said "We need to be a bit more self confident about how damn good we are." {{NEWS }}