Sir; I all but fell over after reading your article on a European initiative to encourage children to eat more fruit ("Mr Fruitness set for action', The Grocer, 24 February, p74).

The article states the initiative has a budget of €4m over three years to be shared across five countries. Just €4m over three years? That is, at today's exchange rate, just under £2.7m over three years, or £900,000 per year. In the same issue, adverts boldly claim "£14m on advertising and marketing" for a new Kingsmill bread product, a "£2m brand investment" for Discovery Foods, "£5m launch investment" for Orville Redenbacher's popcorn, "£1.3m in marketing and support" for Mini Pringles etc.

Let us be honest, fruit and vegetables will never stand a chance and it seems that the bodies in government looking after our health are quite happy with that.