A one-third off promotion on Yoplait Frubes and a good deal on Phildelphia cheese spread at 82p saw the Kettering store beat Tesco's full list by £1.25.
Cathedral City mature cheddar was not sold at Asda and ranged in price from £2.05 at Somerfield to 99p at the Co-op, where it was not marked up as an offer. The Suffolk store had a bogof on Frubes and was awaiting delivery of Actimel.
Safeway was the only chain to be out of pints of semi-skimmed milk, but did have other sizes displayed on shelf.
The two Müller Fruit Corners we asked our shoppers to buy cost between 34p and 39p each, with the longstanding promotion of three for 99p at Safeway and Somerfield.