Banning crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks from all school vending machines from next September has met with mixed reactions from the industry.
The Food and Drink Federation slammed education secretary Ruth Kelly’s announcement at the Labour Party conference, claiming that banning foods was neither a sensible nor effective way to tackle obesity. “Bans will not help teach children how to build a balanced diet,” said FDF deputy director general Martin Paterson.
However, soft drinks company Calypso welcomed the news. “Fizzy pop has finally had its day,” said marketing director Richard Cooke. “We wholeheartedly support the move to banish junk food and sugary drinks from schools.”
Kelly will publish details of the proposals on Monday, followed by a 12-week consultation. One source criticised her for making the announcement before talking to the industry. “Is it fair to make this statement that these foods will be banned and then have a consultation? We’re waiting to see what comes out of the report next week.”