Leading German producer Reh Kendermann is jumping on the organics bandwagon with its latest offering. Kendermanns Organic is a blended wine using Riesling, Silvaner, Rivaner and Scheurebe grapes from the Rheinhessen which will go on the shelves in Waitrose at the end of next month. The grapes have been provided by Ecovin, an organic wine association accredited by the EU. Reh Kendermann's winemaking director, Jürgen Hofmann, said: "We wanted to meet the growing consumer demand for premium organic wine using natural methods of viticulture and winemaking in a contemporary way." He said awareness and sales of organic products had grown rapidly in the past four years, with sales across the category up 56% last year. Latest estimates put sales of organic food and drink in the UK at over £1bn. Hofmann said the grapes for the new wine were grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, and only highly targeted organic fungicides were used. Within the production process sulphur has been kept to a minimum and did not involve chemical fining agents. To stimulate sale the new wine will be supported with a range of targeted promotions and will retail at £4.49. {{DRINKS }}