Kerrygold has reformulated its Softer and Lighter Softer variants in a move to boost the products' health and taste credentials.

Now Even Softer offered consumers a "significant improvement on spreadability", according to Kerrygold brand marketing controller Alison Palmer. The product's softer texture was achieved by using a gentle cooling and crystallising process, she said.

The process resulted in an increased quantity of softer milkfat in the product and also ensured Now Even Softer was still 100% pure and natural unlike other competing products that contained vegetable oil, the company said.

Meanwhile Kerrygold Lighter Softer Reduced Salt contains 25% less salt than the standard Lighter Softer product, which contains 1.2% salt.

Now Even Softer is available in 250g and 500g packs, and Lighter Softer Reduced Salt is available in 500g tubs.